Friday, January 16, 2009

Man waiting for Time and Tide

At last the time has come to start moving about on the canal system. It is with a touch of regret as I have met some really nice genuine people at Blue Water Marina and they could not do enough to help and make me welcome. The last time I was there was several years ago and although some of the boats have changed the attitude of the people there hasn’t.

The short trip to Keadby Lock only took a few hours and along here Jenny did most of the work at the tiller. Joan was bridge hopping getting them ready as we travelled and removing the need to stop for each. Just as well as it was getting dusk by the time we arrived. For Jenny’s first try on the tiller it went rather well. There were lots of problems with the wind coming from the side and we ended up crabbing our way along for some time. At one bridge we stopped and Jenny found it difficult to get off again, which was not surprising, and we ended up taking a mass of weed for a walk before finding our way back to the middle of the canal.

The trip from Thorne to Keadby can’t really be described as inspiring but there are some interesting bits along the way.

Just outside Thorne there is an example of the old strip field system with each strip being based on 22 yards wide by 220 yards long. For those who only deal in new money this is equal to 1 acre.

We stopped for lunch at Crowle and went to the White Hart where we had Fish and Chips and returned three empty plates which pleased the lady who served us. It was very good and very enjoyable. The White Hart dates from the 16th century and is still a version of an old pub and not one of the themed jobs. Worth a visit.

The Vazon railway bridge is worth a viewing. It is a thing I like look at and to try and figure out how it actually works. No wonder there is only one other like it and that is in Belgium.

Saturday is the day for the move to Brigg via South Ferriby Lock. Going onto the Ancholme will be a first and luckily for me my son Ian will be coming along to help. I must try and remember to take photos as we go along for the blog on Sunday.

Keadby Lock - Gateway to the South, North and West as Peter Sellers might have said.

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Jenny said...

Jenny did indeed encounter difficulties, but it was a great day despite the wind attempting to push us off course!
I learnt that "stern" is back and when heading for a bank it is a good idea to know what that word means and do something about it! ;)
Port is left...right?!
Looking forward to the next trip!