Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ice-breakers going through.

You could say it was a little chilly last night. At around 5am I was awoken by the sounds of wire hawsers being twanged. If you have stood on a railway station and heard the sound of hammers being transmitted through the rails then this was the sound. Then there was also the crashing of the ice and naturally I assumed that a boat was coming along. A bit early but I supposed that they were heading for Keadby and an early tide.

Being a sociable sort of person I got up to give them a wave as they went past.

Where is the boat? And why such a narrow opening in the ice?

Look right. Look left.


That explains it all. All that noise and crashing about is caused by a couple of swans getting out of the water on to the ice which then fractures, back into the water then off they go again on to the ice.

I stand back astounded.

I really must keep the camera nearer to hand.

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