Friday, January 16, 2009

Slight Re-arrangement of Destination

This morning my friendly neighbourhood lockkeeper here at Keadby came out for a chat about my exit into the Trent tomorrow. He enquired whether or not I had been able to contact the lockkeeper at South Ferriby. It seems that I had somehow ended up with the wrong number and had been unable to ring Ferriby. Luckily for me the Keadby lockkeeper had the number on his mobile and got through for me.

There is never a dull moment on the canal with changes of plan coming every other day. Just as well one is never in a hurry.

Some one it seems has pulled the plug out of the Ancholme and let all the water out. OK it’s been dewatered for work to be carried out. I think my explanation is better.

This means that instead of turning left and going down stream I will be turning right and going up stream to Torksey and on to Lincoln. A four hour trip instead of a two hour one.

My new Sterling inverter blew a diode (I was told) which did not do the internal bits and pieces a lot of good. I sent it back to the supplier and all I can say is that Sarah of Midsummer Energy couldn’t have got it sorted any quicker. She has arranged for a replacement to delivered to the marina some time next week hopefully.

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