Monday, February 2, 2009

A Cold Trip through Lincoln and Beyond

With Abz on board a trip through the Glory Hole and out through Stamp End Lock I thought was in order. Ian and George came along for the ride. It was a lovely day in general with the sun out but very cold.

The trip to Lincoln goes past one of my favourite pubs – The Pyewipe Inn. Nicely placed right on the canal side it has decent beer and a good menu. I once had a free meal there. I don’t now if it is still done but one would put a business card into a jar and every month one of them would be pulled out – contacted – and free meal arranged. And very nice it was too.

Into the Brayford. But where have all the moorings gone? The sign next to the Visitor Moorings sign says dangerous – keep off and all those at the end of the pool have gone but no new ones signed.

Through the Glory Hole is always a pleasure for some reason. It is brilliant being able to moor up right in the middle of the city and do the shopping. Well there were Chips for lunch anyway.

Out through Stamp End Lock and then along as far as Fiskerton. It is possible to turn a 60 foot narrowboat along here but with care as the banks do get just a little bit shallow as we found out. A bit of prodding with the boat hook and we were off again.

We, that is, Abz and I spent the night at the visitors mooring at the start of the University of Lincoln. A handy mooring for Toys R Us I found.

The next day a call at the refuse bin and on towards Torksey to have a chat with the lockkeeper there about tide times and the possible trip to Brigg now that water seems to be back in the Ancholme.

Saxilby for lunch and after a few flurries of snow behind us on the way west our return journey was colder and I admit to being a touch on the glad side to finish the trip.

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