Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ifor visits St Remy de Sille

At the beginning of July it was a visit to France and some friends living in St Remy de Sille in the Sarthe region.

Luckily (I guess) I had paid for the tickets several months previous and so there was no getting out of traveling. As visits get near I tend to look for any excuse not to go.

The journey was simple and easy. Train to London then a short walk to Eurostar at St Pancras through to Paris and Gare de Nord. 

Outside Gare de Nord is a typical French view and puts the exterior views of Kings Cross to shame.

The only uncomfortable bit came in crossing Paris to Montparnasse. The Metro is extremely hot and by the time I reached my stop I was soaked. Then its to long walk to the mail line trains. 

On to the Le Mans train after which it is only 18 minutes to Sille le Guillaum.

Camille and Irene were waiting there for me.  It has been a few years since I last saw them and over the 25 years I have known them they dont seem to have changed a bit.

Most of the visit was spent sitting in the sunshine and talking. Well trying to talk I should say as my grasp of the French language is appalling. Somehow we still managed to include a chat about different religions, parental control and other problems.  There is always the thought in the back of my mind that at some stage  in a discussion on Quantum Mechanics that I had answered that I would love another Ricard or was that just time dilation.

A delightful visit to the fortified village of St Suzanne a few miles away. 

Inside the fortified area were several artists trying to capture the scene.

To get there we had to go through another village that was having a massive car boot type sale all down the main street. Never seen so many stalls.

The day was again hot with the temperature being in the 30s and reaching 38 on one day. Even Camille had to have a rest from the heat while Iren and I had a look at a photographic exhibition.

Camille grows a good deal of the greens eaten but in this heat the best place to be is in the shade of the water tank in a vain attempt to keep cool.

During the week we met another friend, Martine, and happily for me she was a teacher of English so I was able to check that I hadn't made too many gaffs in French.

For weeks it had been bone dry in France and on the final day it clouded over ready, it was hoped, for some welcome rain.

It was a truly delightful visit and almost like being home. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Camille and Irene and they would give you their last piece of fromage (my weakness) although Camille might draw the line at the last measure of Ricard. :-)

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mamannadine said...

merci pour la carte d'anniversaire. on a bien vu tes photos
gros bisous

irène et camille