Thursday, August 5, 2010

Abbey goes to Wales

Back to UK asnd the following day made a trip to Barton on Humer and a visit to the dentist.

A slight change in plans as Abz decided that it would be nice to spent some time on the boat before our trip to Wales.

The few days Abz and I spent with Pete and Kath vanished far to quickly. But Abz instantly felt at home and eagerly tried on the creations that Kate had made.

Kate works for the Welsh National Opera in the costume dept and now has a new fan of her work. Abz tried on some of her creations and loved every second of it. She is such a poser. :-)

A walk through town then another walk in the country park to check on the Perigrine Falcon that is nesting in the cliffs followed by a visit to the horses.

The last day was spent in Cardiff and Kate had arranged for us to see where she works.  What a place the Millennium building is. 

Through the massive area used for the scenery and on to 

the costume dept.

Abz was mesmerized by the costumes that had been made for The Magic Flute and especially the one for the Queen of the Night. The amount of work that had gone into it is astonishing and its is only for a few weeks on stage.

A claim to fame.  The singer with the twirly mustache in the advert that everyone hates sings with the WNO and Abz found one of his costumes. I have been told that he is not amused if you hum the melody as he walks past. :-)

After the WLO out into the forum in front for a picnic

The large tower has water running down it and Abz did manage to get a little damp in places. What the significance is of the multi-coloured strawberries is I have not a clue.

Then to the sea and a massive icecream. Nearby was a street with a number of shops selling girlie items and Abz made full use of them.

Not far away we could see the wheel that was a bit smaller than the London Eye and it seemed like a good idea to have a trip. 

On the way to the wheel we came across and exhibition of the work of Alice Kettle and Abz thought the pieces on display were lovely and I must agree they did look rather good. This one is embroidered. 

On the way there is a nice sculpture just right for climbing on.

Lovely views across Cardiff Bay and the umpteen new buildings inland.

In places there is still work going on.

One view included a Norwegian church.  This turned out to be a bit special.  It was here that Roald Dahl was christened. 

In front of the church are picnic benches so another snack was called for.  The white sculpture in the centre is to commemorate the 1910 Scott Antarctic Expedition.

A nice touch is the cycles that are left about for the free use of visitors.

A bit of a surprize for Abz later in the day.  Kate with her delightful collegues took her to see Toy Story 3.  This was memorable for another reason as Abz lost a tooth in the middle of the showing.

The end of the visit and a quick pic of the three ladies who had made the visit so memorable. Of course Betty the mad dog wouldn't be left out.

I can't help but wonder if it is Wales that will be missed the most or Bob, Vic and Betty that Abz enjoyed being with.

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