Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lincoln to Torksey

I am hoping to go out onto the Trent on Monday so leaving the mooring at Lincoln on Friday gives me lots of time for a slow chug.  

Stopped in the middle of Lincoln to stock up with cat litter and food.  Wilkinsons store is right next to the canal and I didn't fancy lugging them all the way from Tesco or Morrisons on the bike. The Lincoln by the Sea                event is still drawing in the crowds.

As I was passing the facilities I took the opportunity to drop off the rubbish.

Uneventful trip to Saxilby where I will stay the night.  Before going into the mooring a visit to Tongs to top up the derv tank and replenish the emergency supply.

Saturday and after a heavy downpour of rain the weather turned much brighter and as I leave Saxilby the sun put in an appearance which didn't last for long but it did keep dry all the way to Torksey.

Not one of the great canals for scenery and neither one of interest for the helmsman with so many long straights.

But I eventually reached Torksey.  

Visitors on Sunday with Sid, Heidi and Marlene coming over from Horncastle. 

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