Saturday, August 21, 2010

Abigail Jenna visits Narrowboat Abigail Jenna

It has been my delight to not only have Abz visiting for a week but to baby-sit Izzy for Friday afternoon.  She is very easy to look after with a smile and scream of delight never far away.  I had to change my first nappy for many years but it seemed to stay on :-)

During Abz stay on board we made a present for Izzy -

and I bought a large bag of books from the charity shop for Abz to read. She managed to get through three in a week.

Then there was the shopping for t-shirts of various colours -

and some baking for when Mum and Dad came to pick her up.  The muffins went down a treat.

and finally Abz made me a holder for a joss-stick that we had bought to make the boat smell nice.

Who are they? Todays 'Spot the baby' question :-)

The main visit was to the Lincolnshire Life Museum. A place worthy of a second and third visit.  Up at the entrance to the castle Abz found that cannon make a wonderful climbing frame.

and across the street she took the time to chat up a couple of knights in shining armour.

Inside the museum there are opportunities to dress up in period costume.  There was a history trail that we followed and although Abz was dubious at first she was soon racing around looking for clues.

I, of course, had to try on a Victorian gents hat and cravat. 

The World War I tableau was just a bit too realistic for Abz.

and she didnt go big bundles on the Water Tank for Mesopotamia either. 

However out in the central courtyard we found Violet the road roller which was much less threatening.

The various shops turned up some more clues and the answer to this one was Bah Humbug :-) The trail was following Tom and Lucy on a trip to the seaside and the things they would need to take with them.

There is a lovely cafe with picnic tables outside and we did really well with a salad but that was augmented with a large slice of chocolate cake.

next to the cafe is a large room in which there are masses of colouring pencils and sheets to colour in. This was much enjoyed.

More costume here to try on and Abz had a pic taken (in suitable sombre mood) in front of Tom and Lucy.

Getting near the end of the trail and the Headmistress takes no back chat in the Schoolroom  -

as I found to my cost.

But I did get my own back.

Finally the walk back to the boat and a visit to the Conservatory at the Lawn and a view of all the fish

We splashed out the 20p for some fish food and the size of some of the fish was remarkable.

During Abz visit the seaside came to Lincoln with beach, funfair and Punch and Judy shows. 

and we must not forget visiting the Arboretum where another cafe was very good value and popular with lunch-time locals. Bacon and cheese baguettes went down well.

All too soon the week disappeared.

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Soulgirl said...

What a fantastic time you had with your Grandchildren! A lot of parents could do with engaging their own children like you have. Nice one!