Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saga of Dash the Narrowboat Cat

Shattered after his extended stay ashore.

It all started with a little trip from Lincoln to Saxilby to try out the new washing machine.  Nearing The Pyewipe Inn I pulled over and neared the bank as I passed several boats coming in the opposite direction.  While I concentrated on giving way to the other boats Dash decided to take a leap for the bank and I assume made it. At least he got out of the water after it.

Arrived at Saxilby and then found or rather didn't find the cat.  Immediately turned round and headed back faster than I arrived.  I expected to find him clinging on to the piling unable to get out.  No sign of him anywhere.

The day following made the trip to Saxilby again but this time stopping at seven or eight likely spots and calling him then hanging around for a while - he doesn't usually hurry back when called - and give him chance to return. Nothing.  Stayed the night at Saxilby thinking that maybe he had jumped here and I missed it.

Next day its back along the canal stopping more often this time and having a wander along the bank as well.  Arrived in Lincoln having seen neither hide nor hair of him.

The following day set out on the bike and stopped along the way calling. Then having reached the main road two kilometers from Saxilby walked back to Lincoln calling all the way.  Nope he just isn't interested.

Yesterday moved the boat to a likely spot in the middle of nowhere near the point at which he was last seen.  Decided this time to search at night when I think there will be less noise and the sound will travel further.  Every half an hour rattle the food tin, call him and whistle.  At 0430 I walk along the bank top with the tin and after a few hundred yards there is a white body trotting along the path.  He was very unsure of me and at one point dived down the bank away from the canal.  Eventually he came out and was delighted to be back on board.  He head-butted everything in sight and didn't stop purring for more than six hours.  Only now twelve hours later is he leaving my side to have a kip on the bed.

I did give him a very stiff talking to and a tin of tuna.  In future he will have to be locked below while traveling.

PS The washing machine works a treat on the inverter.  Its a BEKO WM5100W and rated at 0.85 with no gizmo's nice and simple. 


Naughty-Cal said...

Excellent news about Dash. Really glad you have found him safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Two heads are better than one.......................................................

Anonymous said...

When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.............................................................