Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whaley Bridge to Buxworth

This morning I took a walk back past the basin and into town.  I moored up only yards away from here at a decent mooring even though the kids were about last night.

The back of the covered dock has an access either side of it for the unloading and trans-shipment of goods to rail.

The house on the right has Oldknow written on the front.  Is this the same Samuel Oldknow that built the warehouse back at Marple locks.  The house is looking very unloved.

The Goyt Inn is as good a pub as any for a quiet pint.  No frills and hardly changed over the years.  A real old style pub and real ale.

The main street in Whaley Bridge.  Its an odd sort of place with the streets seemingly going off in any direction.  The reasons for the layout has long gone of course.

After lunch a move off to Buxworth Basin.  This is somewhat of a heritage site.  The half mile or so back to the junction is slow with boats moored almost all the way.  In the fork of the canal there is a large Tesco. The supermarket is only ten minutes walk back to the bridge from the basin.  

As I reach the right turn nb Old Peculiar comes out.  Whether this is a comment on the helmsman or his favourite brew I won't speculate.

There are a number of small aqueducts and I nearly always touch bottom as I go through.  Only a couple of inches to spare either side.

The entrance to Bugsworth Basin.  There is no signage here but having had a look around you really need to travel further by going around to the right.  This will take you to the basin proper.

I will be out with the camera tomorrow to photograph it.

Tonights mooring. Plenty of room even though those on the opposite bank of the basin seem to have left 30 ft between each boat.

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