Tuesday, April 27, 2010

High Lane to Adlington Basin

Shortly after leaving High Lane there is a quaint little bridge that leads off to a local boat club.  There are a couple of arms going away from the canal.  The second one did look a little ramshackle.

In and out of the woods as the canal follows the contours of the land.

This particular stretch has large areas covered with celandines and now that some of the shrubs have been cleared lets hope that they spread to fill in the gaps. 

Along the canal are several small communities of narrowboats and two larger marinas.  Plenty of movement around here in good weather I'll bet.

Now and again we head for the hills but at least we know that we will go around it and not over.

BW have been clearing trees along the canal.  There are plenty of piles of chippings all the way along to show where BW have been hard at work.

The canal is fairly narrow in places and when you meet up with three boats at once it can get a bit tricky.  No problems in this instance but I had to look twice at the first boat.

Don't let Abz see this picture.  She and I had been talking about pulling a little boat behind to carry her pony or as a floating goat shed :-) Mind the lead boat is not a 60 foot so will still be able to get into locks in one piece.

There are decent moorings at Adlington Basin. It looks smart and tidy. 

I had a chat with someone who used to moor here and had come back for a visit.  They had moved their boat to Llangollen.

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