Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Marple Flight

We were going to have an early start to attack the 16 locks that we have in front of us but BW staff appeared and started cutting back the overhanging trees.  One hour later we set off.

Under the bridge and there is the evidence of the previous tunnel that has been uncovered.  Not a lot of room and not much depth.  I hope that this is the cause of the knocking from the prop shaft.

The railway goes over the River Goyt alongside the aqueduct in which we are travelling. Only an inch or two either side and not as impressive as the trip to Llangollen. 

The view down the valley is high and wooded and no access is available to photograph the aqueduct.

The first of the locks is out in the countryside.

While the town starts at Lock 9.  I had spent some time aground in the middle of the pond below this lock and had to ring Tim to let more water down.  I was right in the middle and unable to get off.  Could have been there for weeks:-)

The old building has been nicely restored and I think is now used as offices.

The locks are quite deep as the 16 raise us 214 feet in about a mile.

Spring is definitely here. First clutch of eggs have hatched out.

The Lock keepers cottage is in fine fettle and looks a picture.

Bridge 18.  From here access to the town is given as the way to go.  Not if you are on your own. There is a horse tunnel to take the beast under the road and no doubt is used by boaters too.

Marple.  The road into town.  There are plenty of shops a little way down.  On the right is a large Co-op.  That is the trip out tomorrow.

There has been a number of other boats using the locks.  I entered the first lock at 1130 and there is just the one left.  The time now is almost 1700 so its been a long day.

Going out of Lock 16 and the junction.  Turn right for Macclesfield but we are off left to Buxworth and Whaley Bridge.


There was trouble trying to moor up with the amount of silt left on the sides of the canal.  Ten minutes back down the canal and there is The Ring o' Bells.  A Robinsons pub and we deserve it today.

Check out the engine room and prop shaft tomorrow and call in the Boatyard on the way to pick up a new bilge pump.

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Captain Ahab said...

I managed to get some shots of the Aqueduct but there is no vantage point for a really good side on view - just lots of cameo bits. The path down is from the towpath at the north end but very steep and slippery. I will be posting my discoveries in ten days or so. I hope the shaft is OK - it is sounding a bit ominous.