Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marple to Furness Vale

I went off for a quick walk into Marple this morning and took this pic of last nights mooring.  Although we couldn't get right in to the towpath at least it was quiet and only walkers and bikers to contend with.

On the walk back I spotted this ancient craft.  It looks well loved and in pristine condition,

There is a roving bridge that leads on to the Macclesfield canal and it is this arm we will take on the way back.

Dash gets tired out very easily these days.  Must have been all the locks that we have been through recently.

On the way towards Whaley Bridge.  Not sure were we will moor tonight as I want to call in a boatyard to get a new bilge pump and one or two other odds and ends.  The views across the valley are lovely and keep popping up between the trees in the hedge.

The canal is very winding and you never know what is around the corner.  In this case it is a lift bridge.  There is a single bollard on either side but you need to put the boat where needed.

In general there is not a lot of depth to the water.  The knocking is still there.  At one stage however the water got a little deeper and the knocking vanished only to reappear when the shallows returned.

One moment you are heading straight for the valley wall.

and the next moment you are out in the open and looking up the valley.

There is a very large viaduct crossing the valley at one point.  not sure where it is mind - not that it matters.

There is no chandlery at the first boatyard so we carried on and moored up after the second one.  The bridge is the sign that we had arrived at Furness Vale.

Visited the Crossing Inn for research purposes.

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Naughty-Cal said...

Glad to see you are enjoying yourself. Really enjoying reading about your journey and if you ever make it back to familiar cruising grounds we will treat you to a drink.

We had a cracking trip to Hull in March and are off across the wash to Wells next the sea at the end of May. Nothing as adveturous as you though. Would love to just up sticks and shoot off.

Well thats it for now, good luck with your trip and hope all goes well.

See you soon (maybe) , Naughty-Cal