Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moving Around Todmorden

As we leave the mooring of last night you can see how narrow the valley gets.  In the narrow area there is the road, rail, river and canal all running alongside one another.

Its only two locks to the water point where we hope to stop.  The next lock is right next to what seems to have been a small wharf at one time.  The area is very tidy and the sad thing is that the dog mess is still very much in evidence.  A sign I read yesterday said 'If you can't be bothered to clear up after your dog don't bother to come here to walk.  We will bother you with £100 fine'  It doesn't work.

Another very clean and tidy area with planters and trees all along the jetty. Up on the wall on the left is a sculpture put up in 2006.  Steel fishes and more planters.  

We took a walk after watering up to Morrisons which is just up on the left.  There we spotted the Barearts Brewery outlet.  A very local brewery and this is the only place that it is sold.  I will get a pic of it tomorrow.  

A chat with the locals elicited the information that the water point, although a 24 hour mooring, is not a good place to stay for a quiet night.  Decided to move on above the next lock to the back of the houses and the brewery.

The next lock has a guillotine.  Electric - the first one for ages - there is a slight snag till you realise that the winding gear for the sluices in the gate are on the other side of the canal.  Easy-peasy after that.

On the left of the guillotine is a hole in the ground.  This is the tunnel under the road for the horse that is pulling the boat would use to go down.

Out of the lock and you are immediately in awe of The Great Wall of Tod :-)  The wall is the retaining wall built to keep the railway out of the cut.  It is made of four million locally made bricks.

Mooring for the night.  An interesting looking bridge

The otherside of the bridge is even more interesting.  A window in the wall with a large arch and steps going down to the yard in front of the doorway.  What was it?

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