Monday, November 9, 2009

Stocking up for the cold weather

It was back into Lincoln for the weekend with a visit by Abz on the Saturday after dance classes.  The was a possibility that she would only be on board for a few hours as she is becoming a home bird. 

Had an enthusiastic wave from Naughty Cal who will be off on the Trent over the next few days.

In the end she decided to stay as we might go off to do some shopping.  Like mother like daughter.

She is training to be a teenager I was told.  She wanted to stay in bed later than usual on Sunday leaving me to move the boat from the Uni mooring, turn around and move back through the Glory Hole. She got up to go through the Glory Hole and touch the underside of the bridge.

Ian and George were visiting us in the afternoon to go out for a meal.  A bit of a walk to the Hut or a Burger bar was not on when it started raining with a vengeance.  Easiest way was to move the boat back to the Uni mooring   and walk from there.

A very nice meal and the unlimited supply of cola and ice-cream with all the trimmings went down really well with the shortest member of the group.

Then its back to the mooring and the short trip before dark to Waterside North for Abz to have a ride back home.

A wander around the charity shops on Monday to pick up some reading material and I am ready to move out to moor up for the wait till Thursday.

A brilliant sunny day but very cold.  The hat was out to keep the brain usable. Not very effective.:-)

The mooring is just past the Pyewipe Inn.

I will do some  foraging for firewood here and enjoy the view and quietness.

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