Saturday, November 28, 2009

I only ever see Cormorants

A bad start to the day with the rain belting down.  Not going out in that.  But by lunch time the rain cleared and it was just a yukky sort of day.  While I pulled away from the mooring Tim was left to get out of the mooring sandwich he now found himself in.  

The owners of Barnaby, which is between the two wide beams, had gone into Doncaster and bought themselves a calendar. The nice touch is that they are in one of the pictures during a visit to the mooring last year.

It is not far back to Strawberry Island Boat Club.This is the site of the long disused Milethorne Lock.  I have no idea where the lock led to.

On to Long Sandal Lock. I did have slight trouble with the gates.  They wouldnt open so closed them and tried again several times till they behaved themselves.

I am not sure if the rest of the plane is buried here but in the garden of the lock cottage is the tail fin of a Lightening.  Bit of a talking point when you have callers.

As I saw this one coming around the corner in the distance I thought it was another large commercial craft.  I have seen her before and the Sobriety is based I think at Stainforth.

Up on the power lines I saw a group of birds and not one of them was.... well they are all cormorants anyway. I still have my fingers crossed. :-)

It is a lot darker in reality than it looks here.  By the time we reached Barnby Dun Lift-bridge it was getting time to stop so after causing a huge traffic jam we moored for the night on the other side of the bridge.

On to the New Junction canal tomorrow.

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