Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dog DoDo Alley

Moored just in front of me at Thorne is a boat which was or is someones pride and joy.  In a somewhat dilapidated state now it has obviously been here a while.  The BW had their clamp down on licences recently and if you don't have a licence then.........

you could end up with a sticker like this on your boat.  If no notice is taken of the sticker then the boat might end up as one of the statistics of boats removed from the canal and disposed of.

This morning I took a walk up to the lock and into Staniland Marina.  A very fair chandlery and holder of books - second hand - in aid of RNLI.  Must call in again as we go past.

Looking back from near the lock.  On the left is the footpath that runs from the bridge to the lock and it is here that dog walkers seem to have lost the plot.  Why don't they clean up the muck that their dogs leave behind. If I saw one I saw a dozen heaps of filth.  This path is well used and a number of people with pushchairs have gone past me today.  I hope that they had their eyes peeled as they walked along.

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