Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bardney to Barton and Back

Having moored up at Bardney I spent a few days house sitting while Karyn and family took bit of a holiday.

While they were away I got to know the footpaths around the Waters Edge Nature Reserve in Barton on Humber very well after taking the dog out for a walk that would last three to four hours a day. I also found the Waterways channel on the TV which was very interesting.

On their return and after a very late, and I mean late, night that went on to the early or should that be late hours of the morning I decided that it would be best if I stayed another day. This would let Andy get back to normal before yet more travelling.

On arrival at Bardney I went to move the boat down to the lock to unload the car. As seems to be the norm these days - a problem. The batteries are absolutely dead and this with both the wind genny and solar panels up and running.

Still had a couple of litres of petrol in the can so filled the generator and hooked up the charger and away we went. For about ten minutes until the charger read-out started playing up. Another fifteen minutes and the charger stops working altogether.

A kind boater moored astern lend his spare battery - no go. We then link to his engine battery - still no go.

Luck Andy was there. Off into Lincoln for new charger and battery. The traffic is horrendous and it takes an age to get back and evening is coming on.

New battery fitted and the engine starts. Off to the lock with headlight on. All running well until I went to moor. Going ahead was fine but I had no astern gear. The eagle landed but it was bit of a belly flop and a bit harder then I would have liked. While changing the battery I had dislodged the gear cable from its restraint. Easily fixed with a garden tie to make sure it stays in place.

I decided to carry on to Fiskerton Fen in the dark to ensure that the battery was charged and that I didnt upset the neighbours running the engine.

After a day in Washingborough and two in Lincoln to carry out some business which ended up being put back to the 12th I am now making my way to Saxilby to get the new fuel pump.

A couple of days running to make sure that this time it is OK and its off to the Trent.

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Naughty-Cal said...

We may see you out and about next week. We have the week off and intend to head up the Trent.

Sorry to hear about your continued bad luck with the boat.