Monday, November 23, 2009

Its On. No Its Off. OK its a maybe.

Still here at Thorne.  We were going to move on to Bramwith on the way to Doncaster to kill some time but having woken up several times last night with the boat moving in the wind and it still blowing this morning we called the move off.

Had a walk into town and bought some of the staples of life - bread, sausages and faggots! by the time I got back it was about to rain so carried on working on the logbook.

During the morning I could hear a helicopter buzzing over head and watched as it circled around several times but this time it was the Police.  Someone some where was misbehaving I guess.  Seconds later a couple of Police cars went racing over the bridge in the direction of the M180.

To be ready for a move tomorrow I turned the boat around with some difficulty in the wind that remained.  Wind genny still doing its thing keeping the batteries charged. 

At some time I want to replace the fuel return pipes on the engine so when I went for a new gas bottle I bought some tube in readiness.  It will all be done one day I am sure.

Naughty Cal says "If you ever get the chance to have a look at Spider T she is lovely inside. The last time we moored at Keadby we managed to have a quick look inside, we where very impressed."  While I was out walking yesterday I picked up a leaflet on the Spider T from the Stanilands Marina and it has pictures of the inside.  Very swish.

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Maldy said...

They're coming to take you away, ha,ha!