Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to move on?

After four weeks of tuition 17 pupils walked away with a hand-bound work of art in the form of a notebook. Guaranteed to last a century or your money back. :-) One of the pupils broke out into verse for the occasion.


We have folded our papers, and bodged and stitched
Continuing on without a hitch.
We have taped and ruled to all intents, and purposes for,
The right measurements.

We have mulled and stuck and pushed into place,
Cut out the parts for the book to face.
We have put on the cover, the books looking fine,
It’s nearing the end, but we are out of time.

We have pasted inside, it’s the final week,
I think you’ll agree our goal has been reached.
We have a nice notebook, put the finishing touch,
Out tutor is Ifor. Thank you very much.

Jean Bartlett
July 2009

I think I have fixed the leak on the boat engine but now need to see if it is over heating as there is smoke coming of it. This could be from the derv leak but the engine gases are getting into the rest of the boat so I will see if I can fit an extractor fan to help with cooling and ventilation of the engine room.

The lost key on the motor bike meant that I had to hot wire it to get to work. The earth wire didn’t and I think that this blew the lights so another job for the future. Luckily I don’t need the bike at the moment.

Next stop Bardney after a stop in Saxilby to fuel up. I will visit Horncastle from there before moving on to the rest of the canal system.

I decided, what with one thing and another, not to go to Wales this weekend. With so much going wrong I decided not to push my luck with the long journey. I will get a bottle in to toast my brother and sister in law on their Silver Wedding.

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