Sunday, July 26, 2009

My aching bones!!

The weekend started off quietly enough but then my favourite mobile disaster area turned up.

In the evening we went for a bit of a stroll around Lincoln and tried to get Sims to work on the laptop.

As Abz seems to be running turbo-charged she needs something to remove some of her energy. So, she has started taking Karati lessons. Here we have her mascot and she is a Karati mood herself by the look of her.

Saturday we went off for a bike ride and followed the River Witham for what seemed like miles until we managed to find Bootham Park. It is a really nice ride along a cycleway and the route into the park is full of twists and turns amongst the trees. The first item we saw in the park was the bandstand which was custom built for posing on!!

Moving around the park and circling the lake at last we found a play area. Not bad and then we spied the Death Slide. Yes! Abz being of a cautious nature kept her cycle helmet on and managed to get up some speed as she went down the wire.

The lake itself is full of birds and as soon as you get near the waters edge they come flocking over to get fed.

The bread and cream crackers soon disappeared and Abz found that the swans were quite happy to eat any grass that was pulled up and thrown to them.

Back on board. Time to get started on the Welsh Cakes. This time with both the Mal Variation and the Abz version. Mal likes the cakes to have Cinnamon added while Abz decided that a hint of Ginger would be nice. And so they were and a plate full almost vanished as fast as you could say 'Duw'.

Sunday made for a lazy day. Had a lie in till 0700 and swift breakfast.

More cycling. this time up as far as the old bridge on the way to the Pyewipe Inn. A rather busy spot with lots of walkers, cyclists and boats going past.

The bridge is just right for Pooh Sticks but Abz cheated and let her stick drop first. I cheated even better and managed to win two out of three!!

With an hour or so to spare before Dad came to pick her up it was touch and go what could we do. In the end a phone call to Mum turned up the recipe for pancakes and five were made with various fillings. Delicious.

Its gone very quiet now and I shall collapse into a corner for a few hours to recover.

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ThoughtCriminal said...

I told you not to put that I cheated on the blog!! :D You're very naughty >:-/
Hope you're enjoying your rest.
Abz xxxxxxxxxxx