Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things did only get better.

As I said yesterday things can only get better and they did.

Admittedly I didn’t sleep too well and was up by 0500 listening to the radio but the sun came out and the text messages came in.

Sidney and Heidi were taking the campervan out for a ride and called in for a chat. A couple of hours flew past and just before it was time to leave all the kayaks turned up and we spent a very pleasant half hour watching the people get into the water off the bank and succeeded in seeing at least one have an early bath. I hope he kept his mouth firmly shut while in the water.

By mid-day I was ready to leave for a visit to Abz. Got onto the main road but had to turn back with a flat tyre. Luckily I had only bought a pump the day before so soon back on schedule.

With Pirate Day being the topic of conversation on Face Book at the moment I assume that Abz wanted to look authentic and so had got her ears pierced. She said that it was just as though someone pinched your earlobes and that was all. Personally I am much to much of a wimp to have one done just so that I can go Har Har Me hearties to Mr Bates in September.

Off for a walk after lunch to do a tour of the playgrounds. Sadly I forgot to take my camera but managed with the one on the mobile. Not the best of photos as I think it focused on the bridge more than Abz.

Back onboard in one piece and just to be on the safe side put the bike back on the bows for the night.

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