Thursday, February 19, 2009

The move is on - at the moment!!

At last the snow has gone, the ice has disappeared and water levels are getting back to normal. And this means that a move to the Ancholme may be in the offing.

To get to South Ferriby from Torksey in one move is possible but it does make for rather a long days boating. The idea therefore will be to move to Torksey on Friday evening then first thing on Saturday morning travel to and then into Keadby lock. Over the weekend I will moor up on the canalside at Keadby. Very early on Monday morning there is a high tide when I shall be leaving for South Ferriby lock.

The problem then is that the smaller gates at Ferriby are not working and the large gates need a high tide. So for most of Monday I shall be admiring the scenery of the Humber bank and waiting for the tides. Watch this space for the odd photo or two.

Who knows but by Monday evening I could be nearing Brigg.

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