Thursday, February 5, 2009

Never put things in a safe place!

At last the inverter has appeared. It was delivered as promised but as the office was closed the inverter was put somewhere safe for me to find. It was that safe that no-one could find it until there was a search of the clubhouse yesterday.

Today I was going to go to Thorne and pick it up but with the canal being frozen last evening and the fall of snow this morning I think I will give it a miss till the weekend and then see what the weather is like.

One thing to watch out for here at Saxilby is the rise and fall of the canal. I have noticed that there is at least a foot rise over night with the water sometimes going over the footpath and have been told that on one occasion it was four foot deeper than it is today.

An item I had been meaning to mention for visitors to Saxilby to look out for is the view one gets while the Red Arrows are practising. They do come close to the village but a hundred yards from here there is a view almost to Scampton along the edge of Lincoln Cliff from where the planes take-off and land.

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