Sunday, February 22, 2009

So far...............................

Having reached Keadby lock it was immediately noticeable that the water level was still low or the bottom of the lock was a bit high. Either way I was pushing a load of silt out of the lock as I went in.

A very agreeable trip down the Trent with the river being totally empty of other craft I really have trouble seeing why some people are so wary of a trip up or down the Trent. Although one must treat the river with the respect it deserves with just a modicum of care it is safe enough.

On the way down I was debating with myself the effect of keeping to the centre of the river or cutting the corners. As I had the GPS on hand I soon found that my speed dropped by half a mile per hour as I neared the bank on the inside of the bend. Not a lot if you are doing 60 but a good percentage while doing 6. There is also the added chance of grounding on the ebb if the corners are cut.

My arrival at Keadby coincided with the arrival of my boating partner, better known as Abz. She spent the evening on board and the following day we explored the surroundings. Nicholson’s Guide says of Keadby “A dull settlement which has declined since the canal traffic ceased”. Well they are right there. Mind you there is a handy fish & chip shop just up the road that is also quite close to the play area with what was christened Eiffel’s Tower. A very interesting climbing frame that was enjoyed to the full. It also has seating for the picnic that becomes obligatory during the summer.

In the other direction along the canal and away from Keadby we end up, I was told, in the middle of nowhere. Very flat this part of the country. My mother disliked Lincolnshire a great deal. It has too much sky!! I was told.

The route took us past the Vazon Bridge. Even at close quarters I have trouble figuring out how it works.

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