Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer is here!

If this is the way that summer is going then bring it on.

I do believe that my knees have a touch of sun today.

I had a trip down to Lincoln just to charge the batteries and the canal is getting its colour back. The Dog Roses are coming out and the Irises are giving a splash of yellow to the banks.
The number of boats traveling up and down the cut was amazing. Some of the larger ones although they might have been doing the requisite 6kph but the wash was as bad as the waves on the Humber.

The nicest part of the trip was the multitude of cygnets and proud parents that are about. The Black swan was sitting next to a nest of five young with the mother actually on the nest with no problem at all it seemed.

I was in Barton when Abz came back from her best friend’s birthday trip to Bridlington. By the sounds of it it was a great success and enjoyed by all that were there.

For most of today my phone has been very iffy. I have changed the tariff and asked to keep the old number. After a number of hours being able to call out but not knowing what number I was calling from things got back to normal and I was deluged by texts to the usual number that were held in limbo.
I am working on the solar panels and do wish that they were on line today. Must knuckle under and get on with it.

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