Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bit of a Curates Egg.

This blog is because Ann has complained that she doesn’t know where I am or what I am up to. Bit like being married really. OK the Ann here it is.

OK the dashed cat came back at 2300 as though nothing had happened and after giving it a good telling off by feeding it tuna and corned beef he hide in the bed.

Today is a big day.

My niece Beth is getting married but due to the facts of life getting in the way I can’t be there. So. I have had a bottle of wine AND packet of peanuts to celebrate on my own. Well I felt like splashing out. It is also the day of my last visit to what could loosely be called home. I had many years of enjoyment at Grasby but managed to step on too many toes it seems. One pair in particular. Hay ho such is life.

Trying to break my leg as a parting thought didn’t help either. I was carrying a four draw filing cabinet down the stairs from what was my office and lost my footing. I managed to land quite safely but the cabinet didn’t have the good grace to miss me when I landed. You should see the mess it made of the base of the cabinet.

Anyway – cheers Beth and Mark may you live long and happily together.

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