Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picau ar y maen

A somewhat unexpected visit to the boat by Abbey this weekend. So we crammed in a lot of the things that had been listed by her over the past weeks.

While I waited for her arrival in Lincoln I sat in the sun and watched the crowds go by. The temperature must have been 20 degrees and so I felt really sorry for the guy that was inside the mascot looking like a bear that was sponsored by the Co-op. He must have been roasting.

So after doing some shopping in Wilkos I moved the boat along towards Stamp End to await the arrival. A quick dash to Tesco and buy the ingredients as indicated by Kath who has a secret recipe and I was already. While I was waiting the very large boat that only just made it through the bridge at Saxilby came along. It had made it through the Glory Hole and its secret was out. The cabin on the top of the boat folded with a similar set-up as a skip lorry.

Abz arrived on time and it seems that I had forgotten crackers and cheese for our snack. We had a quick? Walk over to the shops again and without further ado moved on to the lock.

Some ‘kindly’ souls had been through previously and having descended left both the lock gates open. Thanks. Mind you that is not what I thought of them. People of a nervous disposition have been known to read this blog so I will keep it to myself.

I was up bright and early on Saturday. After a speedy cuppa it was onto the bikes and off to the playground in Washingborough. They have gone to town on the set up. Lots and lots of frames for the children and the park is surrounded by basketball and tennis courts with football and cricket pitches next door.

Back to the boat and time to make the Welsh cakes. ably assisted by my glamorous assistant.

Welsh Cakes by Kath

1lb Self raising flour
8oz Stork marg
6ox caster sugar
6oz sultanas
2 eggs

Rub marg and flour together with fingers
Add sugar and fruit, mix
Add eggs
Make into a pastry dough
Don’t add more liquid
Roll out and cut
Cook on a very low heat on griddle
Turn over once – 2-3 minutes
Stack and sprinkle with castor sugar

Num num num num num

As fast as we made them they had to be quality checked and a few were left for later.

In the afternoon it was the bike ride along the Water Rail Way. This was cool by the number of times it was repeated by Abz. The sculptures are even better close up and there are a couple that can’t been seen from the canal.

Made just at the right place for a lie down and a snack.

The cows are really good and the surprising thing for me was that there were a large number of items welded into it that i could recognise.

This one is 'cool' and made for running up and down on.

This was the end of our bike ride and with the wind going in the same direction as us it was a lot warmer riding back to the boat.

By the time evening came I was fatter and exhausted. Mind you it was a smashing day with plenty to see.

Off to Lincoln in the morning for a rest.

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ThoughtCriminal said...

Mmmmmm the welsh cakes are GORGEOUS, thank you main baker, able glamerous assistant and Kath :D

ca dawelwch hwyr (hope that's right)

big hugs xxx