Friday, May 8, 2009

Rubber Duck or Hatted Duck?

During the last week I have slowly pontoon hopped all the way up to Washingborough on my way to pick up derv at Saxilby.

As I moved along the boats that had been to the rally in Sleaford passed me on their way home. On more than one occasion I would have used the radio ‘Rubber Duck we have a convoy’!! but I did manage to contain myself.

Each pontoon gave the opportunity to wander off on the bike visiting the local area. Plenty of interesting items and will have to do a second visit to do a proper job of it.

I spotted the hatted duck on the travels and managed a photo of it. A closer look makes me think that although there is definitely a tuft on its head the bird itself must be a cross of some kind.

On Friday I had a visit to Horncastle after an invitation from some friends who thought I needed coffee and biscuits. They were all behaving themselves and trying very hard to keep Syd in check but sadly were failing miserably. Rumour has it that they are going to gang up on me and visit sometime in the future. I am sure they are only doing it to make sure I clean up and do the dishes occasionally. :-)

As I went through Bardney Lock I met a boater who said that his friend Peta Hill had said to keep an eye out for me – the bike with a green narrowboat attached to it. Oddly enough it was only yesterday that I saw Peta for the first time in ages when I visited Trinity Church in Louth.

As I neared Washingborough I saw that one of the sculptures was still in the process of being made. What I thought last time was a fairly plain outline of a woman is now looking really good and I must get the bike out and have a closer look some time.

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Captain Ahab said...

I have just come across your blog and it is great. We made a marathon trop to Boston from Birmingham last Easter, so your entried bring back lots of memories. I'm impressed by your sortie onto the Humber. I have always chickened out of the idea of venturing beyond Keadby...
Captain Ahab ('s watery tales)