Saturday, June 9, 2012


Back out and into the wilds.  During the 20 days or so that we were stuck in this area we would move out to different parts od the canal for a change rather than moor up in Devizes as some boats did.

Just a few hours cruising to keep the batteries full.

and you have to pass boats like this one.

The whole of the roof is covered in grass.  Just the place to keep a goat I should think.

Lovely idea.

Near the swing bridge and the dog was very happy to get into the canoe and go travelling.

A nice looking pub with moorings just the other side of the bridge but.......

......the otherside and its Jack Sparrow the dayboat with a crew of ladies on board.  They were having trouble with the steering.  They couldn't get the boat to go through the  bridge having already clouted a canoe on the opposite bank.

Still trying.

I actually over took the boat ahead. Really he pulled over and I went past.  Named and looks like a skip but very tidy.

Closer to Devizes and the White Horse cut into the hill appears.

Passing one of the moorings we go to.

Calling in to pick up some gas at the boatyard.

The first of the bridges into Devizes.

Lots of work has been done to the banks along here. there is a little footpath along the waters edge just right for the ducks :-)

Someone is have the garden done from the canalside.  New terracing and piles put down.

The sign says "What if the Hokey Kokey is what its all about" 

Two more bridges and its the wharf.  There has been a Walk for Life today and the marshalls seem to be packing up.

A welcome to Devizes sign.  Behind it someone has laid out flowers to say "I love Devizes" At least they really are trying and it is a lovely place.

The wharf with the theatreon the left.

Moored up and shopping.

Off for a walk.  Cassie is just checking out the personal items left behind by other dogs.  If a dogs sense of smell is so good why do they need to get so close!

There are six locks before the flight with a cafe at the top. 

Each set of six locks (there are six at the bottom too) drops us down 50 foot and the flight is 130 so all in all its a fair old way down over 2 and a bit miles.

Sat at the bottom contemplating the hike its going to be when we bring the boat up them.

Done the shopping so we are off to the countryside.

Some of the gardens are really part of the canal scene while others are just left to go wild.

More piling going on and soil being added.

Not far now to the mooring.

And relax :-)

The flaming dog found a dummy and spent all day wandering about with it in its mouth.

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