Friday, May 11, 2012

Pewsey to Horton

 After leaving Pewsey we entered the deadland.  Well we couldnt get on line and had much iffyness with the mobile too.

 Having got to the end of the black spot the camera starts playing up and with a corrupt pic and refusing to download.  A format has fixed it but 20 pics are lost so a gap in the trip. Most of it was in the rain so its going to be easy to forget :-)

Having left Pewsey we stopped to make a cuppa at Wilcot and it was so peaceful we stayed the night.

Next day we go off for a walk around the little village.

Rather nice estate houses in a long row.  At each end one of the houses has a niche with an urn and swags.

A lovely little church that is badly in need of a peal of bells by the look of it

Moved on to Honeystreet which is said to be a bit better than it turned out. There is a fair mooring on the towpath and the smell from the sawmill over the hedge is strongly of tarred wood.

 Back out into the open and heading towards Devizes. The hills to the right and valley to left.

The hills can be seen in the distance.  One or two of the hills look quite man-made and rather conical.  On one there is the ancient farming terraces still evident.

A bit like Chesterfield here with the reeds beginning to grow with only a narrow bit of canal in the middle.

Long views over to the left now.

Views getting better by the yard.

Stopped at Bridge 127 (on the new moorings there) to make tea and a chat with the folk off nb Shiloh.  Did a bit of a book swap.

Time to look for moorings.  Only a few miles left to Devizes and we will leave early tomorrow to get to what we hope will be some empty moorings.  We have been told that space is at a premium.  We then have to see what is happening about the stoppages on the way to Bristol.  The bridge is now ok to travel under I have been told so that is oner down.  That just leaves Avon and leak to get past.

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