Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lincoln to Woodhall Spa

Its been that long since I did the last blog and put these pics onto the site I am struggling to remember what happened. Still here goes.

We left Lincoln and headed down stream for Washingborough.  As you can see the weather was superb. The actual mooring isdead ahead and only 4km from Lincoln so its hardly long enough to warm up the engine.

Just before arriving at Washingborough the church at Greetwell can be seen on ther opposite bank.  To my mind this must have looked just like thousands of others churchs before the massive rebuilding that took place throughout the country in the 19th century.

The evening view from the bows.  I turned the boat on mooring so facing upstream.  The cathederal stands out on top of the scarp.  Its hard to believe that it is surrounded by houses.

Heading down stream again and another lovely day. The trouble with the canal and river as far as Bardney is the lack of bends and interesting views. Keep an eye out for the sculptures.

Well there are a couple here.  My favourites.  The artist has really captured the look of a cow and its made out of scrap metal some of which you can identify if you get close.

Out of Bardney lock and it all seems quite clear of weed but there are horror stories going about concerning the amount of weed further down stream.

The Lockkeepers house has been sold but is going to be let for holidays if you want a quiet time by a canal.

Very windy.  The wind coming through the bridge almost csught me out.  The boat veered off to the left and and the bridge support got rather close.

Every so often bits of weed turn up.  In the distance is the mooring at Southerey and its from this point the weed gets thicker.

and thicker it gets.

Another piece of sculpture to ponder on.

Woodhall Spa mooring and the thats it for today. 

The weed is coming down stream with the wind. When the wind changes direction the weed piles upin different places.

Off for a wander about Kirkstead and walk into Woodhall Spa to the shop.  Station waiting for the late arrival of a train.

Nice sign on the entrance to the town.  Sadly the Gypsy caravan that was in a front garden the last time I was here has gone.

Walked up to the remains of the Priory nd in the field can be seen the old fish ponds.

Not much left now of the Priory. 

The church is still closed which is a pity. I would love to have a look inside.

There are extensive earthworks in the fields around the remains.  Timeteam would have a field day here.

The little lane leading up to the Priory is a delight and if I had any gin

I would pick a load of sloes that are along the hedge to make a winter warmer :-)

and its back to the canal with the pub on the left for those that have worked up a thirst on the walk.

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