Monday, November 28, 2011

Donna Nook

Took two of Lees grandchildren down to see the seals at Donna Nook.  The first thing that is seen is a scattering of seals along the foreshore.  Not sure what will the seen when the tides in.  Maybe they all move further up towards the dunes.

There are big ones ..........

and little ones.......

They come in little groups and the mothers do get a bit touchy if another seal (large or small) goes near her pup. I wouldn't like to think of the results if you tried. and touch one.

There is a small stream running along the edge of the sand dunes and a number of the seals seem to take great joy in bathing in it.

Looking up the stream towards the north.

Now and again the young are right next to the fence.

They do get stroppy when they get near to each other.

This mother was happy feeding her young just yards away.

But when another mother got near to her cub she got right nasty.

They both enjoyed it really :-)

The view along the fence.

The next series of photos can speak for themselves

Spotted this large female that had left a pool of water behind her.

Mother and cub seemed to be doing fine.

After that it was difficult to find anything of interest so its back up the dunes to the carpark where there is a couple of snack vans including ......................

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