Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keadby to Lincoln

and we are off.  The tide is at 9.30am and there is another boat coming with us. Lots of weed coming with us :-)

The Trent is very calm and the other boat is soon in front but stays in sight as he is an anti-Trent as a place to enjoy.

Not long and its halfway with the water coming over the gates at West Stockwith.

On into Gainsborough. The shopping trolley on the mud to the left has now disappeared along with the traffic cone.

Heading for the centre span of the town bridge. Just outside Gainsborough and

oops  where did that come from? :-)

Fusedale H coming downstream fully laiden with gravel or some such.

After four and a half hours full steam ahead we arrive at the Torksey Viaduct.  At this point I get on the radio to let the Lockie know where I am. Problem with Torksey is that I say this is Abigail Jenna and I get the answer Oh Hello Ifor I suppose you want to come in (Only joking Neil :-)))

The mooring for the night.  The lock has an enormous amount of heritage attached to it and there is now a cafe as well.  The 'caff' is brilliant with a superb book exchange and not only that but they make a really good cup of tea.

In the morning that dark view turned to this.  A wonderful view of the canal system with its gentle way of life just around the corner. 

Just around the corner of course is the visitor moorings after a long line of moored boats.

Plenty of straight bits and 'Good grief' a boat comes into view.  Plastics (you will notice that I didnt use the word Tupperware in deference to the lovely people on Naughty Cal. :-) ) seem to have a total inability to steer a straight line.

Going a bit slow here with the moored boats. I wish they were the same price as the mooring on the River Idle.  I must have another look at that to see if the price can be brought down somewhat.

Ahh. Saxilby. One of my most favourite places ever.  There have been lots of lovely memories here.  People visiting and days just spent in the sun smiling at others. Lee loves the Weeping Willows so its a one up already but a bit busy for her. 

Not far from Saxilby and the first view of Lincoln Cathedral comes to you.  My favourite cathedral and city with lots there and plenty to see. There is a need or should that be was a need for a decent map for boaters.  There is a Tesco and a Morrison within walking distance of various moorings. 

and on to the Glory Hole.  Where have you been well they are nosy around here arent they  :-) The most excitement you are likely to get between here and Boston unless you are me. :-)

The actual Hole is medieval and the evidence is there for all to see if you use a boat.

Moored up in the middle of Lincoln for a shopping spree at Wilkos.  Damn cats is eating me out of boat and home. Gipsie is moored just in front of us.

For a couple of days we moor up at Stamp End.  Visit the Arboretum and its another place that is not advertised and is well worth several visits even if it is only for the bacon sandwich.


Naughty-Cal said...

Ah. Welcome back. Nice to see you in the area again. Will maybe catch up at some point if we see you on our travels.

Cant comment on the steering in a straight line. We are guilty as charged. The stern drive and a light shallow drafted bow dont lend themself to steering a straight course. We just like to keep you narrowboatists on your toes guessing what our next move will be. :)

PC Repair said...

Hi, a very interesting trip.
I have often seen the boats moored up alongside wilkos, I remember a hive of activity one christmas time when I visited.
I found your post as you mentioned moorings on the river idle. In fact I believe the River Idle Moorings at Haxey Quays have spaces at great rates. There is a charge made by the EA to open the sluice to access the River Idle from the River Trent but I hear the owner of Haxey Quays, Mike, is happy to work out some kind of deal and make a contribution to the sluice fees/toll if anyone wanted to moor at Haxey Quays.

When I lived in Lincoln I always used to walk outside and see that lovely cathedral - fantastic times.