Monday, June 7, 2010

Add Currys to the list of Deliverers


I was after a new washing machine that was not digital and very simple plus low on power usage.  I checked out several companies and plumped for Currys in the end as they had the simplest machine in stock.

Do you deliver was the question and when I wasn't bothered about when it was delivered it turned out to be free of charge.  I do live on a narrowboat I told the salesman and so we went through the computer instructions together.  

Did I know an address near where I was moored?  

Well there is the Environmental Agency just down the road.  

That will do. We will deliver it there on Monday. In the special instructions he put the name of the boat and to look out for a wind genny.

That evening I had a text saying that they would let me know a phone number to ring to find out the delivery slot on the day before the date in question.

True to form up it comes.  I didn't bother to ring just sat here and waited.

Monday morning I got a phone call from the driver saying that he was on his rounds and would deliver in about an hour.

One hour later a lorry goes slowly past and pulls in.

One washing machine delivered safe and sound. No problems.

I guess I can recommend Currys to deliver to narrowboats.

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Naughty-Cal said...

Ifor we will keep an eye out for Dash for you this weekend. We shall be out and about a fair bit. If we see him we shall attempt to coax him aboard and get him back to you.