Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who said ‘A Change is as good as a Rest’?

I have just spent a couple of very enjoyable days being looked after by the original Abigail Jenna. Now back on the boat and in a state of total exhaustion due to the powerhouse that I was with. If only the national grid could harness the energy generated by Abigail all our power problems would be a thing of the past.

Barton has the Waters Edge Centre and very good it is to. We visited the reserve on several occasions over the two days and had a great time. I was also introduced to three of the play areas that are within minutes of each other and each has a different set of play equipment that will keep people amused for hours.

On the first outing we checked out and feed the swans as one does and managed to keep back a slice or two for the ducks and swans. Abbey does like her bread and is always willing to leave some for the birds!!

Calley the dog had a run as we were on the bikes and I had trouble keeping up with her. By the time we stopped for a rest she was beginning to flag slightly but after the rest she was back on form again. I only ended up in the bushes once when she decided to check out a very interesting smell at the side of the path and stopped without letting me know first!!

One swan had the temerity to hiss at Abbey and was somewhat astonished to be hissed back at.

We took Calley with us each time and she was very well behaved in the midst of all the birds that she would have preferred to be chasing but was still happy to pose for a photo. Abbey had prepared us a picnic to have while we were out and the honey hotdog rolls went down a treat.

Abbey and Calley are the best of mates and Abbey is teaching Calley some tricks. One is to tell the dog to roll over and play dead. However the dog hasn't quite got the hang of it yet as she still insists on keeping her eye out for titbits as a well done.

The final visit to the Waters Edge was for the craft fair being held and the entry to the colouring competition. On the way out of the centre there were the first young that I have seen this year. Ten goslings with a Canada Goose. She’s going to be busy looking after all those.

This photo is for Abbey who liked the look of the duck with the blue/grey bill. My book says a Tufted Duck.

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