Friday, April 10, 2009

(Un)fortunately we didn't see anything...

We've hijacked the boat while Dad regains his land legs looking after Abz for a couple of days. It's very quiet just the two of us, but we're surviving...just :D

We might have taken a trip into Lincoln had the ships cat not done a disappearing act, or the weather not noticed it was a bank holiday and rained most of the day!

It didn't matter though as it gave us a chance to visit Gainsborough Old Hall. Going on our preconceptions of Gainsborough as an industrial town, it was surprising to discover a medieval hall with such significant royal connections, Richard III and Henry VIII with his fifth wife Katherine Howard being on its visitors list.

We especially wanted to see the corridor where a 'grey lady' ghost, said to be Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Burgh, had been seen many times walking down to the end of the corridor before disappearing through a wall to the right. When workmen recently stripped the wall of plaster, a secret doorway was found in the same place the lady was seen to disappear. Spooky eh? lol

Dash is back now asking for something to eat and wont let on where he's been, Dad can take him to task about his desertion when he gets back :)

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