Monday, April 20, 2009

A beautiful day for boating.

I decided to head back towards Lincoln first thing. At 0900 the mist was still quite thick as I headed down to the lock and the facilities. Turned the boat round ready to leave and moored up.

The sun was soon trying to break through and by 0930 I was underway. As I went along the layers of clothing were discarded. A very uneventful trip for the most part with bright sunshine and it is now official – summer has arrived – Ifor got the shorts out.

Not far from Washingborough I had to do a double take. I have seen the black swan and the Withern Monster but this was something else. There it was sunning itself on a low branch that stuck out of the water. Can you see it in the photo?

I don’t know whether it is a terrapin or a turtle but which ever it is it seemed quite at home and paid no attention to me as I went past. I had to grab the camera fast and only managed to take the one snap.

As I arrived at Stamp End Lock another boat was just lowering the guillotine gate. To do my bit I opened up the other gate and let them off and set it up for me to go in. What is it with locks? Everyone is a gangoozler and takes great interest in the workings.

Quick shop in Lincoln in the sunshine then off again to pick up some firewood and on to Saxilby for the night. It has been a long day and I finally stopped the engine at around 1700. if this is climate change – bring it on. I should last the summer if this is the weather for UK.

Passed a couple of boats moored at the pub just after Burton Water and the BBQ was going full blast and the smell drifted down the canal. Music on, beer cans open and sunshine with the BBQ. You can’t ask for much more.

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