Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She didn’t want to get wet.

The great day arrived and I only just made it in time to see Abigail hoisted onto the trolley for the first small leg of her journey.

But she didn’t want to go. With an audience of boaters from the marina Kevin & John were gritting their teeth and were not treated to rounds of applause as they worked. Having been put safely onto the trolley she then managed to find a nice soft patch to sink into up to the axle. The crane was re-employed to lift her up while the hole was filled.

With a little to-ing and fro-ing she was lined up to the ramp and the canal. But she still wasn’t happy with getting wet. Taken to the edge of the ramp she should have slipped serenely into the water. Did she? Like heck she did. She had to have assistance from the onlookers to get her in.

Finally afloat I thought she looked rather good in the sun. I had complained :-) about the muddy footprints on the roof and it was intimated that at that moment it would not be a good time to mention it to John.

The trial run is on Saturday when Abigail Jenna will be helping to take nb Abigail Jenna for a trip. It’s a pity that the crane couldn’t have come today as it is Abz 8th birthday so Saturday will be part of a birthday treat for her.

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