Friday, November 28, 2008

Look-out Canal Here We Come

Boatmans Cabin

I now have a day for the arrival of the crane. Next Tuesday is to be D-Day and the start of life for nb Abigail Jenna.

I picked up the transfers for the name panel from Raynards - Sign-makers of Caistor - and at £15 per side I thought very reasonable. It was in fact the same price as the lettering for Mozart 4 years ago.

This is going to be the week-end to collect together all the items that will be needed to have a narrow boat in the water. It will need ropes, boat hook and fenders, both for the sides and fore & aft. I already have a Sea Magnet which is very handy if you are prone to dropping the windlass into the lock.

I hope to be on hand when the boat hits the water armed with camera to record the moment. Although the sale will not be finalised until the successful trial run I think we can say that the likelihood of a failure seems remote. With this in mind I have started my Log Book. The Log book is one that I have designed and made using my bookbinding skills and which I hope will be a source of employment once afloat.

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