Monday, December 8, 2008

Afloat again

Monday was not the best day to have a trial run.

Abigail was out of the drydock by the time I arrived. All the checks had been made to make sure that the canal was staying outside and she was ready to go.

It is only a short run to the lock but even here there was a small problem as the ice did not really want to move and I found the boat moving sideways. After a quick reverse I lined up and broke up the ice before the lock was reached.

The lock at Thorne still has a problem with one of the paddles not dropping completely and water is coming in almost as fast as it is going out.

Alan's brother-in-law from Scotland was on board for a ride and stood in the bows getting frozen. He did look slightly worried as we entered the lock as the lock is listed as being 61 ft 8 in in length and the boat is 60 ft. I did manage to stop before hitting anything. It is believed that those at home won't believe that he has been narrow-boating but you can just see his head at the bows of the boat.

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