Friday, June 7, 2013

In to Liverpool

The trip down to Liverpool  is bit of a disappointment. As soon as you reach Bridge 9 things change. On one side its all countryside and the the canal is clean. On the other there is rubbish evetywhere. On the way in four boats, invluding us, had to stop and clear the prop.

A sharp right gurn and its straight into the flight. People are normally there to help you speed down to the first of the basins.

Delightful old wharfs everywhere and work underway to restore. It was surprising as to the waves but it was rather windy

Some of the basins make it feel as though you are well out to sea.

Mind you there is one bit that is quite narrow. For some reason its the bit I disliked.

Good views of Liverpool all the way along.

Then you come to the building that everyone has seen. I was astonished at the wonderful buildings that are in Liverpool. The locals are justly proud of them.

Several bits of tunnel along the front as we approach The Liverpool Museum.

More majestic buildings

The tunnel has a kink in it but there is plenty of light as soon as your eyes adjust.

The museum is quite something with massive windows at both ends.

More buildings

Stopped at the lock for entry into the final part of the journey and sea water.

The lock is operated by CRT people and we wait for all the boats to arrive and go in together.

There were seven of us altogether. At the last moment the first boat into the lock finds he has a small tyre wrapped around the prop and the wait extends slightly.

Views from the lock

Into the basins and some of the heritage boats that are moored up here.

Albert Dock

The entrance to our mooring is through the gap in the warehouses.

The Liverpool Eye can be seen over ther warehouse

The Pumping station.

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