Monday, May 27, 2013

Arrived Wigan Eventually

At the top of Johnson Locks I discover that the diesel return line has come loose and four or five litres of derv have ended up in the sump.  The problem is the joint is a piece of rubber pipe joined to a brass pressure joint.  Tried several methods to rejoin it but ended up repeating the original method.  Hopefully I can get a permanent repair done when I get back to Thorne.  

A quick transfer of sides and the facilities get used while the workboat comes up the flight.

Havent got a clue what this is.  It looks like a cross between a large church with a spire and a power station.

Swing bridges - no comment!

I am surprised at the amount of decent moorings that are along the L&L

ffwe go down the long flight into Wigan. A good start but then it starts raining.

and only a couple of locks down and we find an empty pond. However by the time we get to the long pound in the middle of the flight we have had enough and decide to stop.  After a couple of hours a boat with a pratt at the helm comes up and we find later that he has left sluices up and gates open all the way up. Consequently half the pounds end up empty and we end up on the bottom with rather a large list.  Six in the morning I am up trying to bring water down from the top to get us afloat.  Happily the Pratt is stuck at a lock above us and has to wait for the lock gates to be sorted before he can carry on.  We struggle down through the next pound and at last a decent bit of water.

One of those delightful Victorian touches.

Just another lock and we moor up.  This is the junction - straight on to L:iverpool or turn left for Lllangollen.

Bits of machinery from the past.

Its a lovely place and not like the usual city centre with many small shops

There is the occasional statue leaning up against a bridge.

That was leaning looking over the bridge at The Orwell.  Somewhere here is Wigan Pier made famous by Orwell and George Formbys dad.

Yet another good mooring with the CRT offices on the left.

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