Friday, February 24, 2012

Family Visits

Jan 10th

Unusual loads are always on the roads.

It is always difficult to tell whether a building is being pulled down or being erected. As soon as it has a roof on people start living inside.  I think that sometimes its the work force that is putting it up.  I have noticed similar camps where work is undertaken on the roads and railway.

On the way we come to a Toll Road and there we see a vehicle that would suit me down to the ground for driving in Delhi.  A rather large tank :-)

Today is another family visit to see Rajesh and Indra with daughter in law Shilpa and granddaughter Arruna, in Faridahbad. Adjit, the son and husband is away.

Lee is catching up with all news while I enjoy a cup of tea made the right way.

After lunch we walked to market to pick up tea, sugar and milk so that we can make our own tea.  They can’t mess up boiling water. Can they?

This gentleman is the Pressman.  A good job in the winter but doing all the ironing at the height of summer must be roasting

Passing homes that look as though they are designed by Disney World as you can see below

The place is surrounded by beautiful houses while across the road there is a downmarket row of shops.

Besides the shop are the cattle wandering about.

And behind the shop are the plastic roofed hovels that the service workers (sweepers, washers, pressmen and so on) live.

But no matter where you are in the world there are always balloons needed for the children.

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