Sunday, February 19, 2012


Jan 9th

High speed Delhi transport.

Just around the corner is a rubbish dump with wild pigs making a living there on.

Another day and another taxi is waiting for us to emerge from the hotel. Quite inexpensive costing just about £10 a day plus parking fees and tips. We are off to Qatub Minar today and in the same place is the iron pillar which UFOlogists have said is not of earthly origin as it doesn’t rust.

It is said that if you can arms behind your back and encompass the pillar then you were a trustworthy person.  This is a bit difficult today as there is a fence around the pillar.  Too many people being checked out and wearing it away I would imagine.

Wherever you go the craftsmanship is outstanding.

More superb buildings with a surrounding colonnade to enable a walk in the shade on a hot day.

The massive tower was built in several stages. Up to the first level the outline is rounded then an angle then round and so on.  The next stage is simply rounded then its all angled followed by smooth and the final part is a mixture of them and carved ornaments.

At one time you were able to go right to the walkway around the top but these days with it being so popular there is a worry about wear and tear on the building plus the queues would be horrendous.

Interesting roof supports and the ceiling is of interest too.

Much better class of sparrows too

 On the return journey to Hotel Kwality  a slight detour to call in at Jantar Mantar.  

One of the wonders of science.  In its day I would think that this was one of the most accurate devices that was available.

Built to record the passage of sun, moon and various stars it is still a marvel to look at.  Thank goodness they have now got watches.

Back at the hotel and try to get a cup of tea.  People in India make tea by heating all the ingredients together in a pot then adding extra sugar and it also may have cumin or some other additive. So we instruct the hotel staff in the art of tea making and the makings come up to the room.  Odd taste. Odder than the last cup I had.  Lee trys it and yes it is definitely not the right taste.  We think that the flask had once held veggie soup and that was the main flavour.  Lee spoke to the people on reception and told them that while she wanted tea without sugar she would also like it without veg soup in it. He was much amused as she told him in Hindi.

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