Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thorne to Sprotbrough

  After the trip up the Chesterfield Canal the run up towards Sheffield has a disappointing feel to it and we haven't even started out yet.  But we are away and as the Thorne lock comes into view I wonder if the TS Gambia is ever used.  All the times I have stayed in Thorne and I don't think I have ever seen them out on the water.

 At the lock I spotted a Martin flying around and as we worked the lock and bridge the young could be seen sitting under the bridge waiting for Mum and Dad to do the business.

 This old barge has just come out of the dry dock after a refit due to some morons setting it on fire.  The boat is own by a charity so a large amount of money has been wasted thanks to their local pratts.

 As we near the M18 bridge the Gambia overtakes us.  Is this one of the fleet?  They keep stopping as they go along and I wondered if they are putting up notices but can't see any.

 Just outside Barnby Dunn I saw something swimming the canal and managed to get a pic as it ran down the towpath. 

 Another view and I must say that it looks a bit minkified to me.  Where's the shotgun when you need it? :-)

 Took things rather easy at Long Sandall.  A widebeam had broken down in the lock so waited outside until the crew had managed to tow it out and secure it.

Doncaster and the view from the bows.  There are a large number of boats here today so only managed to get the stern to the mooring.  The bows ended up tied to ropes fastened to the fence. The chutes are still waiting for someone to come along and use them.

Looking the other way and its much nicer if you like that sort of thing. :-)

Stocked up with wine, cider and bread to keep us going till Mexborough and into the lock.  The graffiti that was here has been painted out.  I must say that I did prefer it as it was.

Once through the lock and there is a large pile of winter heating for someone to pick up.

The prison looks quite nice but I wish that they would make a mooring here.  

Sprotborough Lock and the stop for a day or two.  

They don't seem to get any smaller as time goes by.

Mv Wyre Lady is still plying her trade and  up for hire if you are looking for something different to do.

Under the bridge and the pub and mooring hove into sight.  Off for a walk at Sprotbrough Flash tomorrow.

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