Friday, August 12, 2011

Keady O.I.K.s and Thorne

Its seems that complaints are yet again being levelled at certain people for the non-delivery of the blog.  What with a trip to Wales with Abz and several moves the signal for the mobile is a bit hit and miss.

 I was due to go out onto the Trent on the Sunday but due to the batteries inability to deliver what it says on the side of it I ended up staying for another day.  An ex-chief RN came alongside and as the weather cleared up after a day of downpours I was glad I stayed in the end.


Out onto the Trent and lots of water doing down stream. Should be a bit quicker than usual. Lovely area the Chesterfield Canal and well worth the weed and Worksop :-)

Its not long and I get overtaken by a plastic boat .  With luck I thought he will be in and out of the lock by the time I get there.

Fairly grey all the way but at least it doesnt rain.  Sorry Trent but after the canal you have some catching up to do in the scenery department.

I am always glad to see the lift-bridge that doesnt at Gunness Wharf.  It means that there is only a short while left to go.

Just as we get to Keadby Lock another plastic comes haring along and I get waved away as the last one to pass is still there.  I spend the next 20 minutes mouching up and down waiting for them to clear.

 Into the lock and tie.  Where did all that weed come from? Its very large duckweed so not much of a problem for us.  However if you use the canal water for cooling then you will soon get to know your filters rather well.

and it gets no better once the top gates are open.

 Met up with Bill from Thorne who now has a mooring here right next to Spider T.  Spider soon leaves and goes off up to Scotland for a trip calling at 10 ports on the way up and the same number on its return..

Abz arrived to lend a hand to move the boat up to Thorne and due to the heat people were soon collapsing all over the place.  Luckily they had a book with them to keep them amused till the drinks arrived to revive them.

Only in Keadby :-) or Oiks for short.  These two little scum-bags have just cast adrift the cruiser astern of me.

At the same time they decided that there was plenty of room in the canal for some rubbish they carried across the pub carpark especially.

Two car seats, a pile of cardboard and some lumps of wood.  What do these tossers think they are doing.  A bloody good kicking seems to be required by many these days after looking at the latest news in the papers.

The day before we left nb All Things Spanish moored ahead. Plenty of stainless steel used here but he does work with it.  The contraption on the bows if for a motorbike but that was stolen in Bingley we were told.  If its not nailed down some scumbag will steal it.

Abz does the job with the bridges but one or two of them are very heavy going indeed.  Not sure how a single lady boater would get on with out a bit of weight behind her :-) Still lots of weed.  So much so that I couldnt get the boat alongside as the weed crunched up between me and the mooring.

In places its really very thick and hardly moves as you plough your way through it

At last the giant mushroom comes into view and the weed thins a little.

The last lift bridge is just around the bend and we can have a rest.
Abz is faintly pleased with the idea of a rest and lets me know.

There has been bother in the mooring its seems. So we decide to stay out tonight and check things out tomorrow.  In the end it wasnt quite as bad as it sounded.  Three boats were involved and the crews became drunk and the damage was caused to the facility.  The names of the boats have been passed on to the BW and I hope they have to pay for the repairs that had to be done.

The ships cat just couldnt stand the pressure of it all and went to bed early for a change.

Eventually things are back to normal and Abz has everyone running around playing a version of rugby. (I can't play as I have a bone in my leg) Honest :-)

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Martin said...

Dear Ifor,
Nice to hear from you again. I too have a bone in my leg, I find it really useful :)