Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Local Pratts are out and about.

At Stamp End Lock there are works underway to hopefully widen the road.  There are signs up to say that the road is closed but pedestrians still have access.

and so too can the Dickheads.  A group - well only one acted like a Dickhead - while the other three looked on have just passed..  One of them was old enough to be the father but I doubt if he had any control if he was.

Apart from throwing in sandbags on the way past he also threw in several large lumps into the river.

Soon they were on their way back and this time it was a road sign and more sandbags that went in.

and in goes another sandbag
A good likeness don't you think.  If the powers that be find him I would like to hear the excuse cos it wasn't him that threw things in to the canal.

I will pass the photos on to the people working across the canal and the British Waterways.  I am fed up with hitting things or getting rubbish round the prop that morons have dumped into the canal.  It is not a bloody dustbin.


Kevin said...

Good pics Ifor, hope you send copies to the local plod, bw office and the local media too... pity the bugger didn't fall in though... who put that fence there??
Keep up the good work,

Ifor said...

Which fence do you mean Kevin.

Naughty-Cal said...

Nice work Ifor. I hope both BW and the local police find the tosser.

We have just relaunched NC and already on the first outing have managed to ding the props after hitting an obstruction in the water.