Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keadby to Thorne

Abz arrived safe last evening.  Only trouble was she did smell rather strongly of milky sick.  Just as they came around the corner to the boat Izzy was sick all over Abz. Hey ho.  The joys of children :-) Washing machine working as we go.

 With the weather looking fair we made a fairly early start. and headed out to the first of the bridges.

 As we moved up the canal the chap in the signal box was on the ball and as we glided towards the Vazom Bridge he opened up for us.  A fascinating piece of workmanship.


 Immediately after the railway bridge is the first of the swing bridges.  Abz does have slight problems with lifting the locking gear but as it is the closing of the bridges that is the greatest help it all works out rather well.

 A few minutes later and we are in the middle of nowhere.  As you can appreciate this is fenland and is as flat as you could make a landscape. Plenty of straight bits to get bored with.

 It is still nice to get to a bridge that you won't have to open.  The bridge at Crowle and the railway station on the right.  The excitement. :-)

The railway and the canal come together regularly.  Not only does one run alongside the other just yards away but on a couple of occasions the railway gates need to be closed to operate the swing bridge.  At least some of them are electrically operated so little bother to those of smaller stature.

More excitement.  A boat coming towards us.  The only one for some time and turned out to be the only one today. Abz took some time off from tea making to come up to the stern and have a rest.

 The concrete mushroom at Thorne can be seen for miles around.  It appeared on the horizon ages before we were any where near.

What was I saying about electric and bridges.  This one decided that the locking gear was staying put and no matter what I did it would not work.  Luckily for me a BW workboat came down with people going ahead to open bridges for it.  They soon reset the bridge and I was on my way again.

The very next bridge got half way open, stopped and refused to do anything else.  I rang up the control and they will send someone out.  It will most likely be the people I have only just seen at the other bridge and so it means a wait till they get to Keadby and back to here.

 Abz took the opportunity of the sunshine and the good supply of dandelions to turn into an advance Queen of the May.

Bluewater Marina looks busy with boats doubling up in places.

At last Thorne.  Louis and Joshua have ceased trading and Tyler Wilson (I think) have taken on the site.  At least work is still going on here. 


and the pedestrian bridge is still not working as it should.  The people come out to it fairly regularly, look at it, give it a good kick and leave it open for the boaters.

Lee of Thorne Boat Services came onboard to sort out a niggle.  The support that holds up the drive shaft isolates part of the bilge from the pump.  A quick burning job and its sorted.

And its time for a shower and look through the book.  The Book Exchange I started 18 months ago is still going strong.  The window cill is full up so next time you pass drop in and swap.

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