Friday, January 15, 2010

Still stuck - touch of the Shackltons

I am still in the marina at Thorne

Its not as bad as this now

The ice was all around the boat and three inches thick.  It is receding slowly but not fast enough for my liking.  I ran the engine up to charge the batteries and this time had the engine in ahead.  This resulted in a huge hole appearing in the ice astern.  The water in the canal is just a little bit warmer than the ice so all we need is for everyone to run their engines ahead for a couple of hours and the canal will be free of ice :-)

The instant it is possible to move I shall be on my way again.  To start with I might not move far as there is a possible delay in leaving Thorne completely but will get up to the water point and facilities.

The idea at the moment is to go towards Leeds and thence over the Pennines to Middlewich. A side trip to the Llangollen and the aquaduct is likely.  Been over it once but its definitely worth a second visit.

There is also a possible visit from Izzy next weekend. She is such a gorgeous baby and Abz is having the time of her life being the big sister. It will be great to see her again.

Wasting time as usual.  I have been working on some parish registers for Freereg and have completed Owersby and am now working on the Caistor ones.  It is something to do with the time.